Graphic Designer, graduate of the Fundación Neumann para el Desarrollo del Diseño, Caracas. Professor of Graphic Design at the Instituto ProDiseño (1992-1993). Master’s degree in Design for Public Spaces from the Escola Superior de Disseny, Barcelona, Spain (1999-2000). Winner of the Design award Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny (2000). Member of the Society for Environmental Graphic Design. Awarded second place in UNESCO’s Infolac Web 2004 award, for the design of for the Children‘s Museum of Caracas. More than twenty years’ experience working with visual identity, editorial design, web pages, and design of public spaces.


Muñoz is a graphic designer with studies at the Escola Superior de Disseny Elisava and the Escola de Disseny i Art Eina, both in Barcelona, Spain. Since 2006 he has worked freelance in the field of corporate image and editorial design. He has collaborated in various projects with publishing companies and private foundations both in Venezuela and overseas, among others: Cyls Editores, Ediciones B Venezuela, Festival Atempo, Fundación Empresas Polar, Fundación ArtsWorld Millenium 2100, Fundación Pedro Grases, Thule Ediciones and Blue Moon Records.


Graphic and Industrial Designer, graduate of the Instituto ProDiseño, Caracas. Graduate degree in Product Design from the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany (1999-2000). Winner of first place in the Contest for Designing Children’s Parks, Greven, Germany (Grevener Designpreise 2000). Received the DAAD Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst grant for graduate studies in Germany. Selected as exhibitor at the Centro de Arte La Estancia for her designs for the corporate images of Ipostel, the Venezuelan Postal System (1998) and the Taller Escuela Técnica de la Madera (2002).


She studied at Instituto ProDiseño in Caracas, Member of the Board of Directors and professor at ProDiseño. Associate Director, coordination and creative direction at VACA Visión Alternativa (1996—), and Co-Director at Laboratorio de Tipografía (2000—). In 2006 she was invited by «Stiftung Buchkunst», to participate as part of the International Jury for the contest «The Most Beautiful Books in the World», Leipzig, Germany.